Pretzels Recipe

Homemade with sourdough, or store-bought in a bag, pretzels are welcomed around the table from morning to night. They can be crunchy or soft, jumbo or miniature, dusted with sugar, chocolate, or crystalline salt. Few other foods epitomize the sweet-salty flavor combination quite as perfectly as the pretzel. For this purpose, pretzels enhance dishes both sweet and savory with their unique yeasted flavor, sweet breadiness, and salty bites. Enjoy our recipe collection of pretzels for cooks beginner and experienced, young and old. Youíll find desserts, meats, salads, fruit dishes, and more in our collection.

About Pretzels:

Not just another out-of-the-bag snack food, the pretzel stands alone in the chip aisle as a food thatís not just another branded product, but a homemade snack thatís existed for thousands of years. Historians date the creation of the pretzel as far back as 610 AD, making it about 1400 years old! This Medieval food remains quite similar to its original ancestorómade from sour or yeasted dough, the bread was formed into various loop shapes and coated in salts, sugars, spices, and other available toppings. Just think; the popular modern-day Auntie Anneís pretzel food chain may have been in similar existence in the bazaars of streets fairs and festivals thousands of years ago!

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